Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does 1, X, 2 mean?

1 means home team wins, X means draw, 2 means away team wins.

What does 1X, 12, X2 mean?

1X means home team wins or draw, 12 means home team wins or away team wins, X2 means away team wins or draw.

What does odds in football betting represent?

The odds in football betting represent the probability or likelihood of a particular outcome in a match. It also determines your payout because your payout is the multiplication of the amount you staked and the total numbers of odds in your bets slip. Bookmakers set odds based on a game margin of expected victory or defeat, and these margin of defeat are estimated by considering things like the previous head to head matches of the both teams, their current form in the last 5 matches, absence of important players in the team, home or away advantage, market movement, and statistical analysis.

Is football betting reliable?

It is most of the time. However, football betting is illegal in some countries. Make sure to find out what are the laws in your country and gamble with caution.

Do you provide fixed matches?

No, we do not. Our predictions are based on the team's current performance and their winning statistics.

Does match fixing exist in football?

Yes, match fixing exists in football, and it exists both in the lower division and top division or popular football leagues. In fact, match fixing generates a lot of revenue for football clubs.

Most football clubs sell matches to bookmakers when they are leading on the league table with a lot of points. For example, a club with a very small odd can sell their next game to the bookmakers because losing that match will not affect their position on the league table. It makes sense to them as there will be no point in winning that type of match, so the clubs can make extra cash by selling out that match.

A big football club can even sell a match without the opposition club knowing about it. Football is one of the easiest sports to fix as it does not require much acting, because the team involved in the match fixing scandal can easily lose the match through lowering their normal performance just by intentionally reducing their intensity, unusually misplacing passes and also missing big chances in front of the goal post so as to give their opponent the advantage. Since, reduction in intensity, misplacing of passes, defensive errors and missing of chances are normal or common in football. Football fans or spectators tend to neglect the signs and see poor game outcome as a result of tiredness or just a bad day in office. The best way to avoid having a fixed match on your bet slip is to stay away from matches where home team or away team is lower than 1.3 odds.

Match fixing can also be done by players, referees and agents. Another clear proof that match fixing exists is when those football players get sanctioned when they are involved in football gambling of any form. Please note that match fixing is done in total secrecy between the football clubs involved and the bookmakers. Anyone who claims to have access to fixed matches or claims to sell fixed bets is a scammer. Although there are some geniuses or experts that can predict match outcomes correctly, but nobody with a fixed match will sell it in the first place.

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