Introduction to Football Betting

Thanks for visiting us. We are ready to show you how to rake in big profits month after month betting on football. So this is how our football betting strategy works. We use a number of statistics, rules and angles every single day of the month to ensure that we are always keeping our traders profitable. We have been using this strategy for years in every football league and cup with great results. We have members that have been with us for years betting every football league and cup all year long. Here is our current football betting strategy that works for every sports trader. You can register with us and pick the games you want to bet on using our expert predictions and betting strategies we recommend to rake in the profits week after week. The truth is that it is impossible to be a winner of sports betting day after day. But there are people who defy the odds and win at the end of the year, but 95% of people do not. Most people just bet the same amount and bet based on gut feelings like their favorite team, or they belief that one team is going to beat another for a reason other than statistics.

Football betting is a process. It's about finding the most winning odds that has value which exist between 1.2 to 2.1; betting those odds, and then grinding out profit over time. That's the process. It's also about probability. But how do you know the probability in football betting? Simply divide 100 by the odds to get the probability outcome. Football betting is not just about picking odds with most winning probability, it also requires research and analysis and that is why we are here. Take note that sports betting are easily affected by the team spirit, absent player, player mood, booking, weather and bad luck.

Other Factors That Affects Sports Betting

Limit Your Bets
- No problem taking three to four glass of wine, but not five or more.
- The more games you bet on, the more risks you take on betting.
- It's ok to layoff from a game you are not sure of its outcome.
- But never layoff because you're scared of losing money.

Don't Bet Based On Emotion
- Don't bet a game because you gut feelings of the outcome.
- When winning, don't be overconfident to double your bet.
- And when losing, don't lose confident to double your bet.
- Beware of gambling addiction to avoid going bankrupt.

Bankroll Management

You need to know how much to bet on football. A lot of football traders think that the reason they don't win is because they don't use bankroll management, as if bankroll management can be some magic formula that can turn bad sports betting into a profitable sports betting. Well, they're half right. Not using bankroll management might be a big reason why they're not winning because they're not managing their betting funds which is the bankroll to ensure sustainability and reduce the risk of significant losses. Bankroll management is about disciplined financial management, ensuring that you have control over how much you’re wagering and not letting emotions drive your betting decisions.

What is Flat Betting?

Flat betting is just betting the same amount on every game, no matter what. We don't do that. We use a great system that makes selection based on sound statistics, trends and angles. We lose in some of our predictions, but our win rate is much higher than our losing rate.

From what I said earlier, how do we win month after month in football betting? We perform a modern version of the martingale system. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what the martingale system is, we are about to explain it step by step. We are experts at picking winners, but we learned that it is hard to consistently win month after month unless we have some type of betting strategy that puts you in the right position no matter the outcome on every bet.

What is Martingale System?

The martingale system is a betting strategy commonly used in gambling, particularly in games with 2 odds which means it has 50% probability of winning and 50% probability of losing. The strategy is based on the principle of doubling your bet after each loss, with the aim of recovering previous losses and making a profit equal to the original bet.

So this is how you do it using our modified version of the martingale system by following exactly what we tell you to do. This is a four bet series in which you can pick a starting betting amount that you are comfortable with. Then if you lose a bet, you simply multiply your starting betting amount by 2 and bet that amount on the next game. Once you win a bet, you go back to your initial stake. This is very simple to understand. Let's say you are comfortable to start betting with $50 dollars which you feel that is a good point to start and you are also comfortable with your total bankroll.

How Martingale Betting Strategy Works

Bet number one, you bet $50 dollars to win $100 dollars. Let's say that your bet number one is a winner. That's great, for tomorrow, you will bet with the same amount $50 dollars to win $100 dollars. So tomorrow you start at bet number one again. You bet $50 dollars to win $100 dollars again. Now let’s say this time we have some bad luck and you lose. Don’t panic, tomorrow will put all your efforts back into profit. If you lose bet number one, we try twice as hard to pick an absolute winner for bet number two. We use a lot of statistics, trends, and angles to make our predictions. For tomorrow, you will bet with double of your starting wager for bet number two. So you will multiply $50 dollars by 2. Your bet tomorrow will be $100 dollars to win $200 dollars. Let's say bet number two in the system ends up being a winner. That's great, we are back on track and you can now go back to your initial amount for the bet number one. For tomorrow, you will go back to betting $50 dollars to win $100 dollars. Let's say if bet number two would have lost, then we will have to double your betting amount again. Your betting amount for the next day will be $200 dollars. But if we end up losing that game, which is very rare, then you have to double your bet number four. You will have to bet $400 dollars. We are putting all of our concentration and resources into predicting a match. If we lose four bets in a row which is extremely rare because it only happened once in our betting history, then the system busts and you have to start over with another total bankroll. The strategy works for us because we are constantly ensuring that you are winning and not always losing. If we don't win one bet, then you simply multiply your stake by 2 to pick up the loss from the last bet. I know you may be thinking right now, this is stupid. All you are doing is chasing or doubling your bet every time you lose.

Well, we got good news for you. When you have a team of football prediction experts examining over valuable information, trends and stats for the absolute best picks of the day, you simply will not be able to lose at the end of the month. Our team takes your bet serious because we hate losing. We advise all of our clients to have 3 to 4 games in a bet slip to make at least 2 odds. For example, if you want to stake 4 games in a bet, your bet slip will look like this; 1 straight win between 1.3 odds to 2.1 odds and 3 double chances between 1.2 odds to 1.3 odds in a bet slip. For 3 games bet slip, your bet slip will look like this; 2 straight wins between 1.3 odds to 2.1 odds and 1 double chance between 1.2 odds to 1.3 odds in a bet slip. We suggest that you should layoff from a straight win bet below 1.3 odds and double chance below 1.2 odds because it doesn’t worth risking your money even if the team has excellent performance.


If you follow our instructions, you can win every four games in your bet slip. But note that this does not guarantee you 100% success. The only way you easily lose is if you choose more than four games in a bet slip. Our teams of experienced gamblers have been trying different strategies, systems and ways to beat the bookmakers for years and this system has proven to be the most profitable and reliable. As long as you follow our instructions on how to pick our best predictions, you will make money. Some sports prediction websites are scam because they request for money on every picks they send to their members or something stupid like that. We don't do that. You pay a small fee for the whole month and receive our best picks for the whole month with just a small fee of $79 dollars because we spent much of our time and effort to pick the best prediction for our registered members.

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